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What we provide

The Therapy Studio offers a wide range of treatments, including Sports remedial and Swedish massage, Hot stones and Bamboo massage, Kinesio Taping, Radial Shockwave, Shortwave, Biomodulation and Myofascial Release Therapy. We also offer private sessions in our Far Infrared Sauna.

The combination of the therapies offered can help with many physical issues, including:

  • chronic pain (in joints and muscles)

  • reduction of inflammation

  • breakdown of long term scar tissue

  • promote tissue healing

  • reduction of swelling (oedema)

  • reduction of muscle spasm

  • releasing stuck tissue around trigger points

  • increased blood flow to problem areas, thus promoting healing

  • anxiety and stress reduction

In all of our treatments we adopt a holistic approach, creating an environment where the client can feel comfortable and have confidence in the therapist.

We have undergone training to a high standard, and the well-being of our clients is our priority.  ​

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