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Client Testimonials:
  • I can't tell you how fortuitous it was that I met you after a couple of sleepless nights due to my shoulder and neck pain.  Graham, the massage really did the trick in that after about 48 hours I was mostly back to normal.  Our vacation trip would have been horrible if you had not have been there.  I can't thank you enough. D Ingram, USA

  • Having suffered from severe back pain for over 2 years which I thought at first was sciatic nerve pain, it was suggested by a close friend to  visit Graham. I first visited Graham in August this year (2014).  After the first session things started to improve. I went every week for 3 weeks and after this period the pain in my back was vastly reduced.  Graham informed me that the pain was not sciatic but muscular pain. I am now visiting Graham every 2 to 3 weeks for back massage, purely as a preventative measure.  I have had no pain in my back for the last 2 months.  I highly recommend Graham, he makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when you visit his home for treatment.  E Ikin, Isle of Skye

  • I started attending Graham's classes after the insistence of my climbing partner, who was hinting and indicating that I could do better as a fitter, stronger climber. This was in November 2014.  Now 9 months into the Monday evening session, I view the class nights as essential and it has become part of my weekly routine.  My friend was right, I am climbing better, more from the fact that my stamina and endurance have increased and with that the confidence to lead and second harder routes.  This is entirely due to the core body strength work we do.  I am 54.  I guess this is the time of life when attention must be paid to physical fitness and in my case, especially if I want to keep rock climbing to current standards for another 16 or so years......  However all ages attend and as Graham says, "you get out of the session what you bring to it and put in".  PR, Skye

  • I have Personal Training with Graham and have also recently gone to his class on a Thursday evening.  The sessions are always varied which keeps them interesting, and Graham ensures you are constantly challenging yourself, while also having a laugh too.  Graham ensures you are doing things correctly and encourages you along the way.  I would thoroughly recommend Graham.  Linda M

  • I have been training with Graham for nearly 6 months, before this I tried every diet going.  Nothing worked.  Until, that is I began Personal Training with Graham.  The result is that I have dropped nearly two clothes sizes (25 pounds), I am more confident, friends have commented on how much weight I have lost, and I have a completely new mindset, lifestyle and ambition.  All thanks to him, I would thoroughly recommend Graham, whatever your goals are he will listen, motivate and help you to achieve.  FC, Skye

  • Graham was recommended to me by my GP as I was suffering from recurring back pain over a 21 year period as well as pain and stiffness in my neck for the last couple of years.  At times, the pain was preventing me from carrying out routine activities.  I saw Graham for 2 sessions of deep muscle massage and could already feel a difference.  I was previously unable to stand for short periods of time without being in pain but this had already improved a great deal.  Graham suggested moving on to some personal training sessions to build up my core muscles which would help support my back.  Not being accustomed to regular exercise, I didn't expect to persevere with the training side of things.  However, I have felt a massive improvement not only in my back but in my general health and so I have continued with the personal training sessions and also now attend one of his weekly exercise classes.  Graham is serious about training but has a friendly manner and is excellent at motivating and encouraging me.  I would highly recommend him as both a massage therapist and personal trainer.  LS, Skye

  • I have attended Graham's fitness classes and Personal Training sessions for over a year and have really felt the benefits.  His knowledge in this field is extensive and that is evident in his professional manner.  DM, Skye

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Graham for the massage work that both myself and my husband have received while on holiday on Skye.  Our holidays tend to be orientated around lots of walking and unfortunately I end up with knee injuries quite regularly.  The work I received from Graham including the taping, assisted me in getting back out to enjoy walking again.  Both my husband and I will be returning to Skye next year and look forward to more of the same.  ES, Surrey

  • I can confirm that Graham's sports massage is a revelation, he has magician's hands when it comes to sorting out spinal and muscular problems.  TW, Skye

  • I organised a group booking with Graham for a group of friends when we were up in Skye for a week's holiday.  We are an active bunch with various complaints, he treated us individually over a few days.  The positive feedback from the initial sessions meant that a few more friends booked sessions with Graham as they did not want to miss out.  He was very professional and gave us a new perspective on our various ailments, not to mention, making us all feel a lot better.  We would definitely book again if we come back next year, it's only a shame that Skye is a little too far for us to use him regularly.  MS, London

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Graham for aiding myself in issues I had with stabbing muscle pains in my back and arm.  Having received a few sessions from Graham, I can confirm that I am generally much more in comfort and it is so easy to take the absence of pain for granted.  The community is very lucky to have a person like you in its midst, and I am extremely thankful to you, as I hope I have told you before.  It is also a reassuring feeling to know that if trouble would arise again, you are just down the road.  DO, Skye

  • I am writing to you Graham to let you know the difference I have experienced with the Radial Shockwave Therapy that I have been getting at your studio.  It is just the best I have experienced for my muscle and ligament problems, it is painless and relaxing and way out in front of all the other remedies I have experienced. You have brought something special to the Highlands and should be proud of what you have accomplished.  I hope you go from strength to strength, you deserve it.  Thank you from a very satisfied client.  Gus MacDonald, Isle of Skye

  • Having travelled from Glasgow to Isle of Skye on holiday, I experienced major spasm and pain in my lower back.  With a history of back problems, I knew I would have to do something about it to enjoy my holiday.  One single session with Graham at the Therapy Studio released the spasm and I was pain free.  Much appreciated.  Ian Falconer, Glasgow.

  • Anyone in pain with a bad back or other muscular or joint problem now has the opportunity of being properly cured right here on Skye.  The Therapy Studio has invested in a Shockwave therapy machine and I've experienced an incredible difference in pain and movement within 24 hours of a session.  Pain free for the first time in 12 years.  Many thanks Graham.  J MacLeod, Isle of Skye

  • Cannot thank you enough, so long been in pain with lower back issues, I must have seen so many physios and doctors resulting in no change whatsoever.  Graham actually listened to me, was able to give a clear and concise diagnosis, treated me with Radial Shockwave Therapy and cannot believe the difference.  Thanks once again, so happy now.  Alistair Morgan, Edinburgh. 

  • Big thanks to an outstanding therapist and his "miracle machine".  I have been pain free since the second treatment with yourself, it's like getting a new lease of life to be released from all of that back pain and please may I extend a huge thank you for your help.  CB, Isle of Skye

  • Feeling great after another wonderful session at the Therapy Studio.  As a practising Sports Masseur in London, it's wonderful to receive a session from Graham on Skye, even more so now with his Shockwave Therapy.  Many thanks, MW, London

  • Wow, have to let you know that this is the first day with no dull ache in my lower back since I was 28 years old, I am now 72.  Two sessions of Shockwave Therapy and I feel like a new man.  Many thanks, C Carter, Isle of Skye

  • Having experienced what seems like years of Plantar Fasciitis, seen so many specialists, spent a fortune on recommended footwear and inserts, it's hard to believe after 2 sessions of Radial Shockwave Therapy, I have experienced a huge relief in pain, and can now spend a day at my work with relative ease and paint free.  So very grateful!!  Margaret McKulloch, Isle of Skye

  • Hello everyone. I have had ongoing knee pain for 3 years after having an extensive meniscus tear. I have tried over 9 different physiotherapists all with varying methods with only temporary relief or none at all. 😑You may have noticed me wincing in Jane's yoga/movement classes or when demonstrating certain things in our Kettlebell classes. 😖 OUCHY.  I met with Graham Watt for treatment at the Therapy Studio near Dunvegan. Within 2 sessions my pain (waking up with a stiff knee, throbbing when fixed at 90deg in the car and stopping me move and play) has gone from 9/10 to 2/10. 🤗😛  I can get in and out of my defender with ZERO aggro and I can move again. I can perform Turkish Getups without hip and knee impingement built up by scar tissue and tight chains of muscle  which he identified and released. I'm actually walking around expecting pain to appear at certain points with nothing emerging which nearly made me cry with happiness. 😭😄 To be stuck in a constant circle of chronic pain, loosen, pain, loosen and to come out the other side without having more discomfort is a beautiful thing. Thank you Graham! 🤝If you have any injuries or require a remedial massage he is the man to see (and we don't give out recommendations lightly).  The shock therapy is very effective from what I have experienced and the research available on the internet is plain to see from physio consultants and other clinicians. You will find this available in highly regarded clinics in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. He is ahead of the curve by investing time and money with the equipment and courses. To have this on Skye for us all is brilliant. Go see the man if you need. Paul Lynch, Isle of Skye

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